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Foolhardy or hardly a fool

Posted on: May 22, 2014

I have about a week to go before I fly to the Philippines on an ICT mission.

I have learnt that teachers from about 400 schools will attend my session. This means that there might be about a thousand people in attendance.

I have been told by organizers to deliver a talk. I have been told to keep the examples simple.

I could give the organizers what they want. Instead, I aim on giving the teachers what they need. This might mean helping them see/hear what they do not want to see/hear.

Instead of a lecture, I will start with a story. Instead of just telling I am going to take a risk and get them to do several activities whether they have their smartphones or not.

It is going to look messy and it is likely to get noisy. But I am confident that I can organize the chaos and manage the productive noise.

I am going to try to create a beehive. I am planning to create a buzz, and like biologists who have studied bees, there will be clear compartments of productive activity even if the untrained eye does not detect it.

I am also going to shake the hive. I plan on creating enough cognitive dissonance so that the teachers fly out their comfort zones.

But I hope that is as far as the hive analogy goes. I hope not to get stung too badly in the process!

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