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How do I block thee, let me count the ways

Posted on: May 17, 2014

I wonder how many ways Twitter is going to let me block someone.

There was the original block which meant just that. If someone tweeted me by mistake or was irritating or seemed like a spammer, I could block them. I would not see their tweets and they would find out I blocked them.

Apparently finding out they got blocked made some people mad so Twitter introduced mutes. This was temporary if you remembered to unmute them and they would not receive any notifications.

Report or report spam was another feature that could get an abusive person blacklisted and banned.

All this was fine but the feature roll-outs have been uneven.


I have the original block and report spam as separate options on Twitter for iPad (see image above).


But I have the new combo block or report on Twitter for iPhone (see image above).

I find the original and separate block or report more logical and faster to use. If I want to block, I block. If I want to report, I report.

The new block or report automatically selects a reason for blocking someone. The list is not comprehensive. For example, some people are tweeting me by mistake and none of the reasons really apply. So I uncheck the default option.

Why should I have to state a reason for blocking? Why is blocking and reporting the same option? Why do I need to do more to block someone?

Let me block without having to explain why. If I want to report someone, I will certainly explain why.

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