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Help me to help others, #edsg

Posted on: May 13, 2014

Last Saturday and on the spur of a moment, I asked #edsg and #celnie for ideas on technology use by teachers overseas who might not have reliable access to computers or the Internet.

I posed a question and a table for answers in this Google Doc. Within 30sec of tweeting on a Saturday afternoon, there were just over 20 views (see screencapture below). After about a minute, @hsiao_yun retweeted my link and that generated an additional 10 views.


On one hand, I am disappointed that 30 plus immediate views did not result in any contributions. After all, if you had 30 people in a room and asked for an opinion, you would get more than you bargained for.

But I also know that these things take time. People do not have the same passion or urgency that I have for the mission. They have no idea how to respond or might need time to think.

That said, I also know how easy it is to consume something like a YouTube video and not bother to leave a thumbs-up or comment. There is a lack of immediacy or an “apathy” of sorts.

What is missing is one or more stories that move hearts so that brains get into gear.

I hope to fill in what blanks I can at the #edsg chat tonight. Here is the short version.

I have not met these teachers yet. I will only see several hundred of them at the end of May.

I want to show them how a little bit of technology used meaningfully can be powerful and possibly overcome the inertia that is the apathy to change.

Someone I know asked me to fly overseas to help and I said yes. The request was late and the event is just a few days before my family vacation. But I deemed it important enough make the effort.

So will you help me to help them?

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