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Enrage or engage?

Posted on: May 6, 2014

I was going to tweet “I absolutely HATE how some videos auto play when you visit an @stcom page from a tweet” when I felt like a rant. But I cannot rant in 140 characters.

Does STonline need to make readers watch their videos only by auto playing them? Does it need to artificially inflate its video views?

The auto play videos piss me off. I must stop them, it makes me not want to watch them, and I get angry. Is STonline going to take the Stomp approach of “if you don’t like it, go elsewhere”?

I do not want to wake my sleeping my wife when I read in bed. I do not want to be startled while reading in a bus. I do not want to use up my data plan to load a video I did not ask to watch.

Is it too much to ask to read in peace and with peace of mind?

This sort of web page design reeks of old school “I know what is best” instead of addressing what readers need or want.

Speaking of old school, that is what some teachers do too. When one bright junior college student interviewed me, I interviewed her right back. She revealed that she would rather not be forced to attend lectures. “Just give us the lecture notes and let us read!” was her reply.

If the lecture does not add any value to students reading notes, I am inclined to agree. If you cannot engage the learner, do not enrage the learner.

Just like if you cannot engage the reader, do not enrage the reader with auto play videos.

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