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How to be very Acompli(shed)

Posted on: May 1, 2014

I very rarely use my blog to endorse an app, particularly one that is not directly related to educational technology.

But I am so impressed with Acompli for iOS that I think others should use it too. Android users can visit the Acompli website for updates.

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The app is very accomplished for one that seems to be a mail app at first glance. It is also a sorting and scheduling app.

As an email app, it is better than the stock app in that you can sort email by what is unread, is flagged, or has file attachments. You can short swipe to archive email or long swipe to delete it. You can tap and hold items in the inbox for quick actions.


You can access your calendar (mine is GCal) straight from the app. Acompli handles schedule invites by letting you know if there are conflicts with existing appointments.

When you compose new email, you can also schedule an appointment, provide your location, and attach photos or other files.


Best of all, you get the app for nothing. It is free. This gives us the collective permission to wonder how the app company expects to monetize it, if its efforts are sustainable, or if some other larger fish will come along and gobble it up.

That aside, I should point out that I have not been asked to promote this app nor am I gaining anything from the company by extolling the affordances of Acompli.

The app seems to be very well thought out with a clear user-centric focus. The people behind it seemed to not just problem-solve but also problem-seek. And that is something we can all practice in our bid to be better than we were the day before.

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