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Going with the flow?

Posted on: April 30, 2014

Last year was unusual in that I was asked to do quite a few keynotes or talks.

This year has already started as a year of interviews and consultations.

In the last quarter, I have been interviewed about game-based learning by Contact (no reliable URL as this seems to be print-only), an MOE publication; about the future of learning by a member of IGGY, an initiative of the University of Warwick for gifted students; and about operating outside the LMS box by eLearn Magazine.

The requests for consulting work were also quite sudden. Within about a month, I received more requests than I had in all of last year.

As I already have a full time job, I deflected what I could and tested the resolve of those approached me. But as I explored issues with these potential clients, I realized what a huge need there was for my services outside my organization.

So I ask myself if I should reinvent who I am and what I do. Surely there is no better way to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

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