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How do I spell ironic?

Posted on: April 11, 2014

B-L-A-C-K-B-O-A-R-D. Ironic. I will use it in a sentence: Bb’s tagline “Education is changing. Change faster.” is ironic.

Education is certainly changing very fast. Reeling in the wake of technological change everywhere else, it cannot help but try to keep up whether it wants to or not.

But is Bb claiming that it can help or that it is ahead of the curve? Ask any thinking user and the likely answer is no.

IMHO, it has no right to tell others to change faster or make the claim that it changes faster because it is still not meeting the needs of instructors and learners. You only have to Google for opinions or search my blog for rants against LMS in general.

Alternative platforms have gone for strategies like being more open, thin and light, easy to use, built for mobile and social learning, etc. Bb is blistering with options, but it is also a lumbering behemoth.

I also find it ironic that “change faster” can also be interpreted to be a call to abandon LMS like Bb. To read in between the lines: Education is changing. Bb cannot really help. Change faster. Go elsewhere.

In an interview with ACM eLearn Magazine, I share some preliminary data we have on instructor behaviour. The short version of what I said was this: When instructors move away from LMS to mobile, open, and/or social tools and strategies, they adopt more innovative and relevant strategies.

Change faster. Go elsewhere.

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