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I miss this WordPress feature

Posted on: April 5, 2014

I am not sure if it is the template I am using or if WordPress changed something a while ago.

This is what the social media bar on one of my entries looks like. It might have changed since I last screencapped it.


I used to be able to click on the Facebook button to find out exactly who was sharing my thoughts on their Facebook wall. Now I cannot.

I do not think that the stats dashboard in provides such fine-grained information. I wish it would.

As much as I dislike Facebook, I would like to know how people are using my blog entries there. Are they used responsibly? How are they generating conversations that I am not aware of?

I use the social media tools contextually. I largely ignore Facebook for its navel-gazing, food-snapping, and outright bitching. I adore Twitter for allowing me to filter and form a personal learning network.

I am not sure if I should return to cross-posting on Facebook so I can monitor the traffic there. WordPress used help me with this, but not any more.


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