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Atrocious tuition ad

Posted on: April 1, 2014

Extraneous tuition is a societal blight. It is not meant to help those who are struggling academically to keep up. It is for those who are ahead to remain ahead. This is the sort of tuition or enrichment that has entrenched itself in the psyche of places like Singapore and Hong Kong.

There are many reasons why different people dislike extraneous tuition. Now there is one more.

I tweeted this recently:

The Today paper reported a distasteful ad for tuition that featured a child pinned under a truck. I do not wish to provide a platform for the tuition agency to advertise its perverse leadership and ideas, so I will not show the ad here.

The owner of the tuition agency seemed to imply that providing tuition was like saving the child from suffering and certain death. She pressed the fear or worry button that all parents have for their children.

Two #edsg regulars responded by pointing out the poor grammar and the suffering imposed by being in a tuition centre:

The general response to the ad seems to have been a reasonable human one. Most people who commented at the news site were dead set against it.

I am wondering why there was no greater outrage like calling for a boycott, a hefty fine, or even suspending the license of the tuition agency.

It is one thing to not support the tuition agency, it is another to prevent it from spreading its message, growing its business, and contributing to the unhealthy dependency on extraneous tuition. 

Sadly, for a business there is no such thing as bad publicity. People are talking about the tuition agency like people would discuss any well advertised brand.

I can only hope that parents and teachers are discussing this topic with a tone of disgust or with the view of questioning the purpose of this type tuition.

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