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Now that is service!

Posted on: March 20, 2014

A short time ago I read this news article about a man who bought a souvenir football jersey only to discover that the club logo was upside down.

The football fan shared his outrage on Twitter.

One or more wise representatives from the football club took this on the chin, published an apology letter upside down, sent him a replacement jersey, gave him a free ticket to attend a match, and invited him to the players’ dressing room so that he could get both shirts signed.

The football club did not have to do all this, but I am sure they won a ton of goodwill and turned a bad situation into a good one in one fell swoop.

Over a week ago, one of my external hard drives, a Western Digital (WD) My Passport, started failing. I hand-delivered the faulty device to the local service centre on the 10th of March and received a replacement on the 15th.

Not only was the turnaround time quick, the drive was also shipped from another country by courier and was twice the capacity of the one I sent in (2TB instead of 1TB). Now that was service!

I have found the WD My Passport drives to be reliable (I have three at home) and my confidence took a dip when one started failing. But because of WD’s prompt action, my confidence has been restored.

Both the football club and the hard drive company put their stakeholders’ concerns front and centre. They found out why we were upset and what we really needed. Their responses were not just good enough, they were great!

We call teaching a service. Does it live up to this claim? What excuses do we give for not providing excellent service in teaching?

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