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I know where I am going. Do you? (Part 2)

Posted on: March 13, 2014

I use current technology to find my way in more ways than one.

This is what the Travel folder on my iPhone looks like. It does not include the bus schedule and check-in apps on the main screen. I use these apps to get timely information about where I was, where I am, or where I need to be.

I do something similar in life too. We all can or do.

I blog to look back, and as I reflect, it helps me look forward. My Twitter stream and RSS feeds provide constant information on what is and what might be. Collectively, they help me know where to go when it comes to change with edtech.

If you ask a commodities trader or a medical specialist what the latest information in their fields is, they might know off-hand or they will know where to look. They will probably combine their experience with timely tool-based information.

They and I will be able to tell you what we are certain of and what we are unsure of. After finding a balance between the two, we might tell you where we need to go or what we need to do.

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