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I know where I am going. Do you? (Part 1)

Posted on: March 12, 2014

I am willing to bet that I get approached by strangers asking me for directions more often than most people.

Maybe I look like I know where I am going. But does that mean I can tell you where you want to go?

Perhaps they see me using apps to find my way or to check the bus schedule, so they think that I can help.

I do not mind helping out if I know or if I can find out. The ignorance of a stranger is easy to overcome with timely information.

The worst type of stranger is ignorant and stubborn. This type of person is lost, but fixated on his/her opinion or an isolated piece of information. Alternatives and advice do not matter.

I have met my (un)fair share of the ignorant and stubborn. Not just about finding directions on the street but also in the realm of change with edtech.

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