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Lessons from the Oppia video

Posted on: March 2, 2014

I like that Google is offering a new open source based tool called Oppia.

Video source

But I wish that introductory videos like the one above were recorded in higher resolution so that you can actually see what is happening on screen. Even when maxxed out at 480p the tiny text appears like Minecraft pixels.

I also wish that people would not give simple (and even silly) examples like “What is 2+2?” I understand that you are trying to reach the masses, but the masses are not that stupid. If a tool is designed to bring powerful changes, then showcase it immediately and efficiently.

This reminds me of how many teachers teach. Assuming the learner is incapable, they simplify and chunk. This leads to spoon-feeding and this in turn leads to a reliance on being spoon-fed.

It is also a reminder to me to tell the CeL folks not to demonstrate like that. By this I mean using names like “Test” and putting in random entries like “lprbpwrbvakbv” to questions or text fields. It does not take you that much longer to input a more meaningful response.

We owe it to our learners and our audiences to take their concerns and perspectives into account when designing for them or demonstrating to them.

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