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Third dimension of flipped learning

Posted on: February 14, 2014

A few weeks ago, my son decided that he would like to share his thoughts on games by posting videos on YouTube.

I would like to think that I have had an influence by getting him involved in the production of CeL-Ed Monday videos. He has even had starring roles in my video series on learning with Minecraft.

But I think that he has been influenced much more by gaming channels like the Kwings, CaptainSparklez, Yogscastetc.

The people behind these channels are entertaining and informative. The opinions, tips, and walkthoughs that they provide help their viewers make informed choices about what games to buy and which strategies to use or avoid.

YouTube is not just a wonderful place for learning because you can find and consume content. It is an open platform where you can create and publish content. After all, if no one produces, what is there to consume?

Video source

I think that an overlooked aspect of flipped learning is getting learners to create content. This is what I call the third dimension of flipping. This not only allows them to teach content (the second dimension), it also gets learners to think about the needs and perspectives of audience. When they do this (or when they are taught to do this), they evaluate what they wish to create and how they deliver it.

These are high order skills that I would argue are even more important than the content. The content is a means to various ends. Ends like organization, discipline, perspective-taking, persistence, critical thinking, creative expression, and more.

If we are honest about it, educators realize that their learners will not remember much content. They will remember the type of person you are, what you stood for, and what you modelled. They will learn values and thinking skills.

If they are to apply values and skills, our learners should be teaching each other and creating content. They should be experiencing the second and third dimensions of the flipped classroom.

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