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My flipped classroom course is ‘live’

Posted on: January 22, 2014

I am happy to announce that the online portion of my flipped classroom course is now ready on iTunes U.

The materials can be accessed on the iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms. For the latter two operating systems, you will need to have iTunes installed in your system.

Those who have watched my five-part YouTube series will find those same videos in the course.

I hesitate to call this a course because what I have designed in an experience. There is an online experience and a face-to-face one.

Here are some expectations I have for my online learners:

  1. The online component focuses on five basic areas of flipped learning (see outline). The content does not have to be consumed in the order listed.
  2. The face-to-face component reinforces what participants learn independently online and focuses on managing groups, levels, and cohorts of classes on flipped journeys. Only participants of MLS126 experience this component.
  3. The blended course has been designed on the basis that it is meaningful and timely questions that drive learning. Therefore, the online component has been design to provide more questions than answers about flipping.
  4. The online-only participant will be expected to be highly independent and self-directed in his/her quest to learn more about flipped learning. This not only puts principles of flipped learning into play, but also models a main way of designing experiences for flipped learning.
  5. There are five short videos (each 3-4 minutes long), one set of curated readings on flipped classrooms, and a course wiki. The online-only participant is free to consume content in any order they wish and has read-only access to the wiki.
  6. While the suggested duration of this experience is five weeks, the online-only participant can gain a basic appreciation of flipped learning in five hours or less. A more driven participant can write a book chapter or literature review in five months or more. The work you set for yourself expands or contracts to fit the time you give it. Choose wisely.
  7. The online-only participant does not have to be a solitary learner. S/He is free to email the facilitator, interact with MLS126 participants via the wiki (function pending), or create a his/her own personal learning network to learn more about flipped classrooms.

For those taking the elective in NIE, I have this to say at our shared wiki space:

The course is designed for middle managers or leaders in schools who already have some experience with flipping and who need to manage teams of flippers.

This is a blended course that has two main components (online and face-to-face) and leverages on several flipped classroom strategies.

The online components provide instructor-scaffolded and self-directed opportunities to learn more about the flipped classroom. The face-to-face components focus more on managing flipped classrooms and provide opportunities for learning that is differentiated, experiential, social, and collaborative in nature.

The most basic flipped classroom approach is the consumption of content and learner-directed research prior to class and online. This course adds two more dimensions to flipped learning that practitioners do not normally consider. These dimensions will be explored and experienced in this course.

Footnote: It is also my birthday today. I hope this course and the experiences I provide for participants is a gift that keeps on giving!

4 Responses to "My flipped classroom course is ‘live’"

Happy birthday!


Thank you. I “celebrated” with the class whether you realized it or not. 😉


[…] See on – Technologies in ELTI am happy to announce that the online portion of my flipped classroom course is now ready on iTunes U. The materials can be accessed on the iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms. For the latter two oper…See on […]


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