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Driven by fear or logic?

Posted on: December 7, 2013

Let us say that you read the news about how 13 Singapore school websites were hacked into. The news reported that sites were all hosted on the same server [1] [2] [3].

After the hacker, what would the next most logical thing be to blame? I say first the security of the server and then the people who maintain it. You do not need to be a Sherlock Holmes to follow that logic.

But let us say that you are part of an IT security team of another system. You decide to take this opportunity to remind users to be secure.

What is the logic of this?

This is like reminding you to lock your car in a parking structure that threatens to collapse. This is like reminding you to use two-factor authentication for online banking when the doors and safe are easy to open.

I agree that most breaches stem from human factors. But some people would rather create the fear of being responsible for a breach than follow and present a logical course of action.

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