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Why be nervous?

Posted on: October 23, 2013

Video source

The video above presents the science of stage fright.

I lie somewhere between being totally comfortable with public speaking and terrified to an inch of my life. I like to use the butterflies to keep me on my toes.

But I disagree with a premise in the video that giving a talk is something we do as social creatures. I think the social processes happen partly before and largely after a talk. If you are an amateur or professional sage on the stage you know what I mean.

Unless you live the life of a hermit, you are going to present information to a group of people. Sometimes the context is preparatory or artificial like a class presentation. Other times the context is more authentic like a mass company briefing or an academic keynote.

Often these talks are part of a larger communication plan or change initiative. Often the energy starts and stops there. How many people actually follow up with action after feeling inspired by a Sir Ken Robinson talk?

Very few take sustainable action after a talk. Those that do tend to already be agents of change. They might find some validation in what you have to say or they find will find a way regardless what you say.

Then there are the curious or those that live in their ivory towers. They will ask questions that skirt the topic but little progress actually happens.

So this is my perspective on countering stage fright. If you are effectively reaching the already converted, why be nervous?

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