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Plain vanilla

Posted on: September 26, 2013

This is my plain vanilla reflection on the MOE Workplan Seninar 2013 yesterday.

Here is what always happens. It rains, there is a traffic jam, and it is held at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

There is often something surprising or juicy, almost like the late Steve Jobs’ “one more thing”.

Not so much this year. It was mostly about developing what has been established over the last two years. Perfectly acceptable.

There were more videos to illustrate the messages this year. I think this was a subconscious recognition that video is the new text. Videos tell more in a few minutes than a session can do in a few hours. I wonder if other stakeholders will be able to watch the videos on a larger platform like YouTube.

I was glad to hear a special segment about ICT-enabled learning. Not just enhanced or optional, but enabled.

The announcement says that the platform will be ready in 2016.

As far as I am concerned, it is already available. It is just not sanctioned, filtered, or curated officially. It is called the Internet.

The best thing about that resource is that everybody creates, curates, and critiques. Using and shaping those resources means we do not live in a vacuum. We teach and learn in context.

I did not think there were announcements that would cause any seismic shifts. There was no need because the shift started two years ago.

If the keynote was likened to an ice cream stall, it had variants of vanilla. Some folks like vanilla. If you look for it, you might find a poll or two that show it is the most popular flavour of ice cream.

Vanilla is a valid flavour. Most of us might like vanilla. As long as there are no nuts.

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