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Time-lapse of my class in action

Posted on: August 22, 2013

Many thanks to Niko for sharing this time-lapse of one of my MLS125 classes in action.

This is a three-hour class condensed into 20 seconds!

Video source

I have annotated the video in YouTube to label the phases of activity. You may not see the labels if you are using a mobile device.

I am sharing this video not just to provide a peek into my classroom. I intend to create a short video for our Blended Learning in Collaborative Classrooms series.

The plan is to show

  • how I set up stations in the room
  • the facilitatation of station and game-based learning
  • the overall flow of the lesson from start to end

The time-lapse is one component to these ends.

The videos are shot. Now the hard work of editing begins!

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