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Facebook passport?

Posted on: August 17, 2013

One teen says that she and her friends are leaving Facebook. Another says that she and all her friends are still on.

So are teenagers leaving Facebook?

Yesterday, Pew Internet stated that teens are starting to “diversify their social media portfolio” so this means they are not necessarily abandoning their Facebook profiles. It could just mean they are also using other social media tools like Twitter or Instagram [1][2].

Those that use Facebook infrequently (or practically abandon it) might treat it like a passport.

Passport protector by kalleboo, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  kalleboo 

It is a form of digital identity. Unless you are the equivalent of an frequent international flyer on Facebook, you rarely need it.

I rarely need Facebook. It is a means for people to connect with me but I choose to create, curate, critique, and converse elsewhere.

Facebook was very social at first. But it became complicated and took too long to go mobile. Twitter is disproportionately powerful for its simplicity. Google+ is tightly integrated with Google Apps and Search.

You also have clearer and more logical control with the latter two tools. With Facebook, you feel obliged to friend or friend back. You can choose your friends but the question that is put to you is: Why don’t you want to friend me?

With Twitter, you can choose who you want to follow (in general use) or be part of your personal learning network (in the case of education). With Google+ you can segregate people into groups and choose who you share what with.

Twitter and Google+ are like a radio or TV with which you can choose what to tune in to, and also like ham radio in that you can join or create communities. That is far more social than just friending.

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