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That syncing feeling 2

Posted on: April 27, 2013

I signed up an a pre-release user of BitTorrent Sync before it was released publicly as an alpha product this week.

I reflected on my personal use of the tool a few months ago [link]. My experience was positive then and it is positive now. With one exception.

Whatever I deleted on one machine was deleted on another machine, and this was expected of the app. But I noticed that I did not get back storage space on my Mac.

Unbeknownst to me, the Sync app created a hidden folder on my Mac (.SyncTrash). When I installed an application on my Mac called ShowHiddenFiles, I found the hidden folder. As I was syncing versions of media files, I had accumulated about 80GB of old files that I thought I had removed.

I was relieved that I could claim the space back but disappointed that this process was hidden from me. I hope that it is a bug and not a hidden feature for some nefarious purpose. If BitTorrent wants to be associated with cleaner practices, it should start with clean practice.

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