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Not lost in translation

Posted on: February 7, 2013

Video source

Some things in this video probably got lost in the Portuguese-to-English translation. There also seemed to be three smaller stories in this TEDx talk. But the messages were clear.

First, I was mildly surprised to learn when people stop watching or paying attention to online videos (4min 15 mark). According to the study that Gustavo Reis cited:

  • 11% of viewers have stopped watching just 10 seconds into an online video
  • a third of viewers leave the video 30 seconds in
  • half the viewers will not stay beyond the first minute of the video (no matter how long the video is)
  • only 9% will watch a 5-minute video

I wish I had a link to that study!

Second, I like how the speaker likened blind Googling to “infinite search, zero knowledge”. If learners cannot make connections between the information they find and what what they know (or need to know), they have learnt nothing.

Third, I agree that, above all else, teaching is about being generous. Generous with your time, your effort, and what you know. Roughly in that order.

Teaching is not about transmitting packets of knowledge. After all, if learners cannot make connections between those packets, they learn nothing.

No, teaching is about putting in the effort and investing the time to help learners make connections between people, values, concepts, and skills.

My guess is that if you opt to share generously via videos, you should make the first 10 seconds riveting and the video no longer than a minute long!

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