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Sigh, SDL

Posted on: January 9, 2013

At the end of 2012, I tweeted this in response to a slew of other tweets I was reading about self-directed learning (SDL). There are too many misperceptions and malpractice with SDL implementations.

Like how SDL is just one concept or practice. It is not and I recommend this resource as a good start to SDL (but it is by no means an end to learning about SDL).

Or, if you are sold on the idea that SDL is a spectrum (Gibbons, 2002*), how it can remain teacher-directed (when it should evolve to be purely learner-directed).

Or for SDL to be developed in the realm of formal learning (when it is more common in informal learning contexts).

Or how you can teach learners to be self-directed (when what you need to do is draw that innate behaviour out of them because schooling has strangled it half to death).

Or that SDL is somehow a 21st century skill (when our Homo species has had to rely on it since becoming sapient).

*Gibbons, M. (2002). The self‐directed learning handbook: Challenging adolescent students to excel. San Francisco, CA: Jossey‐Bass.


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