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Content is not the only king

Posted on: December 26, 2012

One reason I make the time to meet with folks outside of NIE is the opportunity to learn.

These opportunities rise from the request of the outside party for me to share or to teach. But I end up testing my own thinking or consolidating separate thoughts.

I had started to question the traditional wisdom that “content is king”. Folks in publishing, broadcasting, training, and schooling rely on this basic tenet.

But it is not the only foundation to build on especially in this day and age. This is particularly true if the content is only created by experts. A good example is Wikipedia which has challenged traditional encyclopedia businesses and put a few out of business.

There are other Cs that challenge the throne:

  • Creation
  • Curation
  • Consolidation
  • Contextualization

Content creation, particularly by learners, is an underutilized activity in many courses. How many of us can say that at least 50% of course content was learner-generated for example?

Sometimes there is no need to create content because it is already available. TED and YouTube already have educational tools that allow teachers and students to curate content by pulling different videos together into learning units.

Often these same tools leverage on other tools. Videos alone are consumptive. To allow critical expression or collaboration, the video platforms often provide space for online discussion. Alternatively, one can embed a video in a wiki or blog and create opportunities for consolidating learning in one spot.

Finally, the videos might come from different sources and might not seem coherent. But the learner of today is more forgiving. The instructor of today must create context in the use of these videos.

Content creation is no longer king. He is aging and the dictatorship is ending in the face of more modern, democratic learning.

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