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Reflections on the SG K-12 Horizon Report

Posted on: December 4, 2012

This week’s #edsg chat prompted me to read the almost month-old K-12 Horizon Report for Singapore.

It is rich with information but not terribly enlightening if you already follow the trends. An out-of-touch administrator or policymaker might be alarmed or informed by it.

But I was surprised by some things. Take this comparison table of the trends identified by the think tanks from Singapore, the US, and Australia.


Our outlook beyond the first year diverges from the other two groups. For example, our think tank did not seem to think that Digital Identity was a big enough blip on the radar in the two to three year time frame (see table above).

In my humble opinion, this contradicts with the top-ranked trends in another comparison table (below). Digital identity and the practices associated with it should have emerged as concerns when discussing the challenges to educators and shifting educational paradigms.


I also find it interesting that our trend analysis identifies gamification whereas it is game-based learning in the US and Australia. I think this stems from 1) a lack of clear understanding on what the differences between the two are, 2) a fear of non-serious games for education, and 3) an overly serious and conservative outlook.

Another seemingly curious emphasis might be e-books. But if you have insights into who was part of the think tank, you will realize why (hello, NCS!).

It is not easy projecting trends, of course. Nor was I privvy to the process despite the wiki that the think tank had. But I do know a few members of the committee and what they might bring to the table.

I wonder if NMC might leverage on wiki practices and culture in future to intelligently crowdsource this difficult task. I also wonder how many of the folks are active bloggers, tweeters, and Facebookers in this field and who are able to hone their thoughts daily and publicly. Could there not be a better representation of voices and trends in education without stifling the need for commercial partners to weigh in?

NMC also relies on experts who make themselves available as well as on the Delphi method. But surely the method can evolve to be more relevant, inclusive, and powerful, can it not?

2 Responses to "Reflections on the SG K-12 Horizon Report"

Call me a sceptic, but I don’t think electronic publishing will take off..


You’re a skeptic. 😉

Why don’t you think it’ll not just take off but also soar?


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