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Alternative to “best” practices?

Posted on: September 17, 2012

Addendum: See my most recent entry (27 Jun 2015) on this topic.

I find Storify to be a powerful and convenient tool for not just archiving Twitter conversations but also capturing key moments.

I used to have to copy and paste tweet URLs one by one, but the export-to-WordPress tool in Storify makes the process so much easier. I only wish there was a way to not publish immediately from Storify.

This is an initial conversation we are having in #edsg on alternatives to the term “best” practices [Storified version].

I think there are flawed assumptions behind “best” practices, namely 1) it does not take into account differences in context, and 2) “best” implies there is no room for improvement.

What is an alternative to “best” practices? I share a thought at the end of this entry.

  1. tucksoon
    I agree. We should stop using ‘best practice’ –>; There is no BEST practice #edsg
    Sat, Sep 15 2012 06:13:12
  2. redokay
    @tucksoon think educators are aware that one size don’t fit all. it seems like we’re nitpicking on choice of words? #edsg
    Sat, Sep 15 2012 07:02:27
  3. tucksoon
    @redokay I read several edubloggers who are against the term ‘best practice’. ‘Best practice’ came from corporate, hence nitpick 😀 #edsg
    Sat, Sep 15 2012 07:39:04
  4. ashley
    @tucksoon @redokay Also, if you have the “best” practice, what spurs you on to improve or change beyond that? #edsg
    Sat, Sep 15 2012 10:07:29
  5. derekjlin
    @ashley @tucksoon @redokay i think debating choice of words isn’t nitpicking when underlying assumptions are the real issue #edsg
    Sat, Sep 15 2012 10:27:35
  6. derekjlin
    @ashley @tucksoon @redokay like ashley said, “best” implies you’re done; picking the “right” word helps focus your thinking #edsg
    Sat, Sep 15 2012 10:28:17
  7. redokay
    @derekjlin @ashley @tucksoon i see, point taken. Thanks for the clarification. =] #edsg
    Sat, Sep 15 2012 17:42:35
  8. tucksoon
    @redokay @derekjlin @ashley What is a good alternative? Success stories? #edsg
    Sat, Sep 15 2012 18:22:23
  9. engrg1
    RT @tucksoon @redokay @derekjlin @ashley What is a good alternative? Success stories? #edsg how abt sbaring experience ?
    Sat, Sep 15 2012 18:24:37

I think that “success stories” is not a good alternative because we can learn a lot more from failure than from success. Shying from failure also creates aversion to risk and by extension to innovation.

I might go for “shared experiences”. As in the act of sharing (humbly, honestly, and simply) as well as the attempt to adapt the experiences to other contexts.

1 Response to "Alternative to “best” practices?"

CHAN Hsiao-yun 曾曉韻: @ashley Thinking abt own research into practices. Def not “best” practices. *Different* practices are what we can learn most from. #edsg via


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