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Inspiring change agents?

Posted on: August 15, 2012

In the MLS125 course that I facilitate in Edmodo, we explore WHAT it takes to be a change agent and HOW to go about bringing change with ICT.

What we do not focus on is what inspires change agents to keep going. For one thing, change agents understand WHY. Those that do not fully understand why simply know that the only constant in today’s world is change.

The constantly moving target is one reason why the what and how of change will change. No one has all the answers as they will change over time and vary with the context.

So how does one motivate change then? I do not think that you need to motivate the few who are already motivated. They have the will and they will find the way.

Video source

This video is something an MLS125 group shared in Edmodo in preparation for their topic of sustaining change with ICT. Perhaps this video is something that might inspire change agents or remind them why they are on that mission.

I am inclined to think that you need not really show the what and how of change. It is far more important to leverage on who, when, and why.

2 Responses to "Inspiring change agents?"

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Hi Gilbert, I’m glad to hear that my reflection has sparked your own reflection.

I do make a distinction between being motivated and being inspired. I think that the latter comes first.

People who have the drive simply need inspiration. Their energy and motivation will drive them over and through obstacles!


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