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Another flipping consideration

Posted on: May 21, 2012

You are what you eat. You are a product of your environment. It takes a village to raise a child.

But how about the language you speak or even your geographical location that helps shape who you are?

Video source

This interesting RSAnimate-like enhanced talk reveals how our language and the climate we are exposed to might determine if we are past, present, or future-minded.

The speaker, Philip Zimbardo, also tries to make the point that while schools are future-oriented, most kids nowadays are present-oriented. There is a misfit of the tone of language and of the cultures between students and teachers.

For example, starting at the 5min 50sec mark, the speaker pointed out that boys may spend up to 10,000 hours gaming. Gaming is interactive, in the present, and gives kids a sense of control. He points out that:

These kids will never fit into that [the analogue, passive, teacher-controlled classroom]. They have to be in a situation where they are controlling something, and school is set up [where] you control nothing.

Educators have started talking about flipping the classroom. There is the flipping of content (with more than just video). There is the flipping of Bloom’s taxonomy. There is the redesigning of learning. There should also be the flipping of control.

For these and more flipping considerations, check out my scoops here.

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