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Jailbreaking education?

Posted on: May 9, 2012

SwipeSelection is one of the reasons why I jailbreak my iPhone.

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I am not content to live with the affordances and limitations of my smartphone especially when I know that it can work smarter.

SwipeSelection is just one of those tools that make you wonder why Apple did not build this small set of affordances into the soft keyboard to make text entry and editing so much easier*.

I guess I am that way with educational technology too.

I appreciate how some enlightened folks can problem-seek and problem-solve with educational technology when teachers cannot. These mavericks effectively “jailbreak” schooling and education. They do so against the grain or occasionally against the rules.

But the larger community benefits in the long run just like the way iOS users benefitted when Apple incorporated many previously jailbreak-only features into its latest operating system.

*A caveat: The tool does not work with every app or text field. For example, it does not (yet) work with Evernote, or ironically, the text search in the Cydia app.

5 Responses to "Jailbreaking education?"

I hadn’t thought about jailbreaking in this way before. It’s interesting because when I think about it that way, I understand why people do it more. Previously, I hadn’t understood why people buy a product with restrictions they don’t like. I just thought they should buy something they like better. But, it is true that many features we currently enjoy wouldn’t be around without jailbreaking. Thanks for the enlightenment 🙂


I’m glad to have provided a different perspective!


I was wondering, because I am new to blogging, what is a blog roll? I noticed yours and was wondering how you set it up. I had seen the widget but didn’t know what it was for. By the way, interesting QR Code idea and I love the theme you have for your blog.


A blog roll is just a list of links to other blogs or websites. It used to be for linking to other blogs (your own or those of others). But it can be used to link to just about any site that you like, have ownership of, or are interested in.


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