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Reeli quite good

Posted on: May 1, 2012

I had a chance to use Reeli at my son’s birthday party over the weekend.

Video source

Reeli is an ioS app that is an all-in-one video recording, editing, and publishing solution. Here is what Reeli does:

  • provides storyboards based on event themes (see example below)
  • guides the shooting of short video clips or the importing existing ones into the storyboard
  • allows simple editing and post production (voiceovers, background music)
  • uploads to YouTube for sharing

Anyone who is not trained in video planning and production can use this app to take a variety of shots so that you get a fairly decent project.

I shot the footage during the party and was done with a final draft by the time folks were saying goodbye. It was a bigger chore to wait for the video to be compressed and uploaded to YouTube.

A party for kids is not easy to shoot. There is a reason why we say “fleeting moments”! It is also very noisy. I trimmed some of the very short snippets even further down and drowned the noise out with music from YouTube’s recommended list.

The app was really easy to use, but it could use a few improvements.

  • Each element in the storyboard has a predefined duration. I could not find a way to shoot longer clips with the app. If I wanted to do this, I would have to record video with the default camera app. Even adding a custom element in the app did not provide me with the option to shoot longer.
  • There are no transitions between segments. No fading in or out, no simple overlays, nothing. You just cut from one scene to another. I think we should have the option to add simple transitions.
  • Some of the functions are not responsive. As you navigate from one section to another by tapping on the buttons, you might experience a delay as if the tap did not register.

I can imagine this app being used by learners to create and tell digital stories which they then share on YouTube for critique. The stories could be reflections of field trips, flipped presentations, or documentations of processes behind a product. Once in YouTube, peers can comment by text or submit video responses.

It is a Reeli and really good opportunity to teach content (what is this or what happened?), technical skills (how to I do this?), thinking skills (how do I say this?), and metacognition (should I say this?).

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