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Posted on: February 16, 2012

I think that it is time to revise the Teach Less, Learn More axiom.

Layfolk and even some teachers misunderstand “teach less” to mean cover less of the curriculum or to stop teaching. Students are somehow expected to “learn more” on their own or by some magic (possibly conjured by tuition teachers).

No, the original intent of TLLM was to challenge teachers to reduce teacher talk and make their teaching more meaningful to their learners. One might also interpret “learn more” as something teachers should do: Learn more about their students, learn more about content, learn more about technology-mediated pedagogies.

So if TLLM was a call to teachers, perhaps the call could be more direct. I propose lecture less, facilitate more.

Tell teachers to reduce the time allocated to teacher talk and they will want to know what else to do. Then the pressure will be on teacher educators to show them by example what it means to facilitate!

2 Responses to "TLLM vs LLFM?"

Low Chun Meng 刘俊铭: @ashley @yainping Whatever we named it, it is never about how much teachers teach, it is about how well students learn. via


Dr Ashley Tan: .@lowchunmeng @yainping Yes, but one is not about the praxis of learning while the other is. Both reflect T mindset & practice. #edsg via


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