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Decision tree

Posted on: January 25, 2012

Video source

This video is not only an introduction to the talent at the Centre for e-Learning (CeL), it is also a demonstration of what I like to call a “decision tree” video.

This type of video takes advantage of YouTube’s annotation tool to add “hotspots” at any point in a video that link to other videos. In the video above, you get links to the CeL team videos near the end of the video. At the end of the team videos, you get links to the videos of each team member.

While we used this video to showcase the talents in CeL, the same technique could be used provide users with choices in scenario-based learning. We will be working on one such video soon.

Many thanks to Choo, our tech-admin for the idea to shoot the promotional videos, to Niko for marking up the videos and to the rest of my department for being good sports. You can tell we are not actors, but we are good at our day jobs!

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