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Open presenting

Posted on: November 9, 2011


The first thing an audience of a talk, seminar or conference asks for is a copy of the presentation. Whenever I can, I share my SlideShares, Google Presentations or Prezis as openly as possible.

This simple presentation is for the Japan Association for Promotion of Educational Technology (JAPET) delegation which visits NIE tomorrow. In the spirit of open sharing and sharing under the Creative Commons, I am making my slides available here.

But sharing has its issues.

Some people may not be comfortable with sharing information. If that was the case, then we should not host visitors in the first place.

I think that it is not a case of if you share information but how you share it.

I think the presentation slides should be as helpful as possible, so I try to embed links in them. But I do not think that the slides alone should tell the story or provide all the information. That is what I am there for. That is why most of my slides are heavy on images and light on text.

There is one important exception to that rule. There are many excellent presentations in SlideShare that are designed to convey information in the absence of a presenter or a voiceover. Those presentations are standalone.

Whatever the presentation, the resource should be open so that you have an immediate and an extended audience. The immediate audience might benefit now and the extended audience later. You just don’t know exactly when or how with your extended audience.

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