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Interstitial space and time

Posted on: August 4, 2011

I think I first learnt what “interstitial” meant when I was a Biology student in university.

There are many contexts of the use of interstitial if the entries in Wikipedia are anything to go by. But most point at the time or space between significant events or objects.

So if you imagine a student walking across a quadrangle between classes, the interstitial space is between the two classroom doors and the time is between the classes.

For me this might mean walking in between meetings, waiting in line or riding in a train as I attempt to get from one place or event to another.

If you think about it or if you add up all the instances in interstitial time and space, they can be quite significant. Anyone who gets caught in a traffic jam or experiences long commutes can relate.

What happens during this time and in this space?

You could use it to relax, listen to some music or watch a video snippet.

If I am alone, I use my interstitial time and space to learn. I game in microbursts. I read my RSS feeds and tweets from my PLN. I might send short email replies or I might draft blog entries.

I get a significant amount of work and reading done this way. I think that the sky is the limit in terms of what you might get done interstitially.

2 Responses to "Interstitial space and time"

Interesting way of describing this. I use to call this my in between time. I realized that often I had 10 mins here, 15 mins there… Not quite enough time to boot up a computer or even sometimes go through the hassle of launching an office programme, but still enough time to do something… and worse when I have an idea brewing in my head at that time that I need to put down somewhere. I needed something I could instant on and instant off… That’s when I got my iPad and my in between time has never been so productive!


Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

I can certainly relate to the need catch and record fleeting thoughts. It’s even more important as we get older!

I used to have lots of slips of paper in my shirt pocket about 15 years ago. Then I bought a PDA and I had just about everything in one place.

Now we have smart phones and slate PCs so we can have the same and we can share and improve those things if we wish.

Filling up interstitial time might seem like replacing play with work. But I think it can also make some work seem like play.

This comment is brought to you via of the WordPress app on an iPhone as I make my way from a school to my office on a public bus. 🙂


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