Another dot in the blogosphere?


Posted on: July 14, 2011

Is this blog starting to go mainstream? Not if I can help it…

Click for larger version. Information accurate as of 13 July 2011.

When I checked the usage statistics yesterday, one of my most tweeted blog entries (90 so far) also had the most on-site views (1,200+) and the most syndicated reads (111,000+).

While most bloggers would be happy with such stats, I had mixed feelings.

I did not start blogging for hits. I started blogging (and continue to blog) as a reflective process. But I have also discovered that blogging is not only a great platform for exchanging ideas, it is also one where I can inform and educate others.

There are two entries that I wrote that got wide readership: my thoughts on Google+ and a Twitter infographic. The Google+ one was current and calling it Facebook minus might have been catchy. The Twitter infographic was informative but flawed and that probably generated readership, comments and tweets.

If blogging was my livelihood, I’d change tactics to keep my readers coming back. The exceptional five-figure per day readership is tempting compared to the three-figure per day I might normally get.

But I do not blog about technologies for their own sake. I blog mostly about educational technologies and technology-mediated pedagogies. This has a lower readership but I think the content is more meaningful to me and those who choose to read over my shoulder.

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