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Blocking on Twitter

Posted on: February 23, 2011

I used to remove some of my “followers” on Twitter. Now I block them ever since Twitter made changes to its site. It’s like culling crows.

Removing them reduces my follower count, but I do this because:

  1. Not all followers are authentic. Some are bots, some are spammers, some follow me thinking I am some other “ashley”.
  2. Some folks might refer to my list of followers for ideas on who else to follow. I do not want to mislead them. I only wish to share with a PLN of forward-thinking educators and other stakeholders who might push pedagogy.

Doing this takes a fair bit of effort. It is easy to process and consume large volumes of information everyday. It is much harder to curate, but I think that it’s worth the effort.

Here are the tools I have used for culling/blocking, in order of preference:

  1. site: once at your list of followers, it takes 2 clicks to block someone
  2. Tweetdeck in Chrome: 2 clicks to block, but occasionally suffers from API errors
  3. Twitbird Pro mobile app: It takes 3 taps to block
  4. Tweetdeck client: 2 clicks to block, but suffers from API errors
  5. Twitter app on iPad: It takes 4 or 5 taps to block
  6. Twitter app on iPhone: It takes 6 taps to block

2 Responses to "Blocking on Twitter"

Very helpful post.


Glad you found this useful.

Given this was written a year ago, some of the tool-based information might not apply now even though the principle of blocking does.


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