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Visit to the Green School (Part 3)

Posted on: December 18, 2010

These are my final two videos of my visit to the Green School in Bali.

All videos were edited with iMovie 9 on a 13″ Macbook Pro. (All photos transferred to an iPad via Apple’s camera connection kit and edited with PhotoPad.)

Video source

Video source

It hit me yesterday the contrasts I observed in just two places in Bali.

My family and I were in Seminyak, and while it was not as touristy as Kuta, you couldn’t help but see the evidence of commercialization of this sleepy town.

While my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the Balinese cuisine, our son’s palette was less seasoned. To motivate my son to walk around more, we visited a pancake place called Flapjacks for dinner one night. That eatery would not have been out of place in Manhattan, Toyko or Singapore. From the decor, food and the fake plastic meals on display, I assume the place was financed by a rich foreign entity.

The Green School was also the brainchild of a foreigner. But while both provided jobs and opportunities for locals, only the school had long term sustainability in mind.

2 Responses to "Visit to the Green School (Part 3)"

Thanks, Ashley, for sharing your visit to the Green School & the snapshots & video footage. While there certainly are many things we could take a leaf from what folks at Green School are doing, I am encouraged how you actually pursued an idea by making a personal trip for want of a more authentic first-hand experience (c.f. reading, watching or hear someone talking about it).

Such extra steps taken to personalize (and own) something worth pursuing, in my opinion, is more a rarity than norm in a typical classroom. Though not explicit, I am sure this is, at least in part, motivated by an inner drive to make learning alive and relevant.

Another instance of greater value being in the journey than the destination itself? Perhaps, this is the simpler but larger, demographically unbounded lesson that we could learn?


Serendipity. We had already planned a family vacation to Bali when I watched John Hardy’s TED talk. I checked out the Green School website and saw that it was not every far from where we would be, so we went for it.

I know of one Singapore school group that was thinking of visiting the place but a school adminstrator stopped it with a “What for?”. Sad but true.

I learnt so much by just being there. I am sure the kids who attend the Green School learn more than ours do too.

So what for? Sometimes a destination is part of the journey.


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