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Touch + pen = multitouch nirvana!

Posted on: April 13, 2010

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Think multitouch with your fingers on the iPad is impressive? See what can happen when you combine touch and pen input!

If you want one, Instructables offers a tutorial on how to build your own multitouch computer (sans pen).

Sigh! And to think that we had a multitouch prototype at the MxL that we abandoned due to a lack of support (my previous multitouch blog entries).

4 Responses to "Touch + pen = multitouch nirvana!"

I would love the touch+pen function to be available on my laptop.

My ideal technology would be a flap-less light device that allows pen writing and touch, supports presentation softwares such as office or pdf annotator, and able to connect wirelessly to projector.

flap-less light device…. something like iPad.
allows pen writing…. integrated tablet function.
wireless connection to projector…. possible?


Something like the WePad ( might do all that. It’s more open and just needs the pen input software.


Yes! I saw it yesterday on the news.
However the wireless projector is not commonly used.

Would be very happy to try them together (WePad + wireless projector).


@Pei Yan: I’d actually like to see students being able to use these slate or tablet PCs in class.

Will Richardson recently interviewed someone who demonstrated how the iPad might be useful for younger kids ( But it should be equally useful for older learners, particularly if there are add-ons to make the iPad a tool for creation, not just consumption.


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