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Hallway presentations

Posted on: April 9, 2010

I have presented at various venues, but I think that the informal hallway presentations at Tuesday’s LSL open house was a first for me.

That’s the group from DSO in the photo above. Many thanks to Carolyn for taking the shot!

I liked the informality of the presentations. They became more like conversations and storytelling sessions. No fixed times, no pressure, come and go as you please. You had an agenda and so did your audience, but both parties got to question, share and learn. It was like an unconference. It was also an opportunity for me to meet face-to-face a few people that I had previously only connected with online!

I learned that the DSO was looking into ways of integrating mobile devices, e.g., smartphones, into training for our servicemen. That is not just a cool idea, it is also relevant and timely given how all of them might carry a device that is altogether a minicomputer, camera, video recorder, audio recorder, word processor, etc. in their pockets. The issue that all of us struggle with is the mobile learning strategies we might employ.

I recommended two things to the group. First, take advantage of the social factor. Get the learners to contribute perspectives and ideas. Crowdsource. Second, provide informal and meaningful opportunities to learn. Not all learning takes place at one time and in one venue. As I said this, I reminded myself to do more of this in the courses I facilitate.

I also thought about how an organization like DSO was thinking of doing this in a bid to stay relevant and remain effective. They obviously sensed the environment, the sociotechnical trends and the expectations of stakeholders. Unlike schools, they will probably respond faster to these changes.

So, I enjoyed the open house. What’s next? Restroom presentations? ūüėČ

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