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Copyright, copywrong… you copy?

Posted on: November 4, 2009

The Rambling Librarian has some interesting thoughts about what he labels Digital Civics and Intellectual Respect. With the current practice of mashups, this overall concept is even more important!

My only observation is nothing new: Technology evolves so fast that our laws cannot catch up. Thankfully, rather than wait for lawmakers, people co-evolve with the technology and socially negotiate acceptable practices. If we police ourselves, we don’t need the police.

2 Responses to "Copyright, copywrong… you copy?"

Interestingly, it’s reading your post that I realise we’re unconsciously thinking of “copying”. Maybe we should start with a mindset change — from “copying” to “using”. Use-rights rather than Copyrights. The difference may be subtle, but quite significant, I feel.


Agreed! If we stuck to copyright, there would be very little creative expression.

It’s not just a mindset shift among users though. There also needs to be a paradigm shift in the business practices of publishers, media companies and the like.


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