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Stuck on gaming?

Posted on: October 6, 2009

Straits Times online featured this article on gaming:


I guess only negative or sensationalistic headlines grab eyeballs. Youth are “stuck” (as in addicted or immobile) and this “raises fears”. This isn’t news, it’s olds. The layperson already has this perception and ST is telling them what they want to read or hear.

If ST really wanted to report the news, report it when the results have been properly analyzed. Or link it to opportunities such as Singapore’s game development, participation in cyber competitions or educational gaming. These highlight Singapore’s reputation and savvy as well as the educational ground we can break in this area.

ST highlights fears but I am already aware of them. Folks at this forum are livid about the article. I see opportunities and pursue them instead. The layperson might see 27 hours a week wasted on gaming. I see 27 hours of informal and meaningful learning initiated by the learner!

BTW, I only have access to the digital copy above and don’t have the full article. I neither subscribe to ST online (cough, ripoff, cough) nor a paper copy (a waste of resources). The NIE library has “lost” yesterday’s newspaper too. I’d appreciate a copy of the full article if anyone has it.

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Thanks for providing the full copy of the article at your blog.


I thought I’d share this nugget of info with you in case you might find it useful in the future: I’ve actually been using ideas/scenarios from Defence of the Ancients (DotA) to illustrate certain concepts in discussions with students who play the game in my class(es) e.g. resource trade-offs, research methodology, etc.


That is very interesting!

I am now tinkering with the idea of doing a video conference between you and my classes. Not now because the gaming sessions end this week, but perhaps for classes in future semesters.


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In case there are others who don’t understand Dutch, I used Google Translate for this pingback.

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