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Posted on: July 16, 2009

Recently I heard that another secondary school in Singapre has just adopted 1:1 computing for students. They didn’t use netbooks (which I blogged about a while ago) but got Apple systems instead. Good for them and what a way to feed the economy!

I have also heard from two sources that MOE might be setting aside funds for a few schools to trial 1:1. Isn’t that a bit late given how a few schools have already taken the initiative? But this should give principals who are thinking of taking this route but are low on funding some renewed hope!

1:1 computing puts technology in the hands of learners, which is a good thing. In theory. In practice, there can be lots of issues. So it was timely that Richard Byrne suggested 10 things teachers should know before they embark on this journey.

Added after posting: Buzz Garwood wrote a short article in Edtech magazine about things to think about when implementing a 1:1 programme.

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