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Game recommendations and the MxL

Posted on: February 18, 2009

All four of my classes have started their journey on educational/serious gaming by this week. We focused on Flash and Wii-based games.

I am thinking of getting some handheld gaming devices and games for the next semester as this would make me less reliant on the MxL as a venue. I would like to get Nintendo DS and Sony PSP games that might have some educational value.

So to all out there I ask: What are your recommendations and why?

To my trainees I ask: What you think of the MxL and your experiences there so far?

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I’m not sure about PSP as I’m mainly playing the DS. For DS, the games on my mind are trauma center and guitar hero. Guitar Hero is very useful in training hand (or rather, finger) co-ordination.


Nintendo DS has many educational games. such as:
1) Personal trainer math
2) Crosswords DS
3) Nintendogs

well, these 3 are among the games i have tried before. so many other interesting games out there(:


i personally feel that Nintendo Ds has a huge prospect for learning. It is more interactive. I enjoy games like ‘CSI miami’ which is a detective game. it promotes analytical skillls and it is really fun. DS also allows learning for languages like ‘My Japanese coach’.

some may think that DS will lead to an individualised gaming but it is not true. games like ‘diner dash’ and ‘mario olympics’ allow more than one participant.


I agree with Mun Ling with regards to Diner Dash. A key to using handheld games would be to utilise the network capabilities to play games like Diner Dash collaboratively for more effective gaming.


Diner Dash! One of my favourite games. and trauma centre! Personally i’ve played both NDS and PSP and realised that PSP is less interactive and more of RPG games. NDS on the other hand is very innovative and has a HUGE variety of games.

If specifically educational, i would think ‘Big Brain Academy’ would be a good one. The first time i played i got a D, and its slightly addictive. Other than that, like MunLing, i also played CSI Miami, and a ‘Pheonix Wright’ game series where you’re a defence lawyer trying to win lawsuits.

Another ‘educational’ game would be cooking mama i guess? But its irrelevant to us, unless we teach home econs next time.=)

heres a link!


I’m a supporter of PSP because of its ability not to play just games but also digital content such as audio and video

Here’s a list of games that I think have some educational values:
1) Spelling Challenges – Test the user on Spelling and other areas such as knowing what are Noun,Verb,Adjective etc
2) Cake Mania,Diner Dash, Harvest Moon, Innocent Life – Management game
3) The Sims 2 – Stimulation game
4) Hot Brain – Thinking skills


The games are definitely engaging. Yes, I would advocate the use of such tools in learning. At least those who are less adept or those who do not possess any of the gadgets would get a chance to try out…change their perspectives on the application of gaming in learning.


My allegience definitely lies with the PSP. Although it does not have as much educational games as the NDS, the capabilities of the PSP is enough to prove that it is superior.

Video output – this function is especially useful, as i can project the movie or game that im playing on a TV screen.

Sound – I’ve tried both PSP and NDS, i still like the sound quality that the PSP offers.

Graphics – Needless to say, since PSP can support games like FF7-Crisis Core.

Educational Games:
1. Buzz! – An IQ test/game, requires coordination of brain and fingers.
2. Patapon – Rhythm-based game.
3. All RPG games – They serve to teach a lesson about ‘LIFE’ thru all that fanciful graphics and theme songs.


MxL experience: Being not much of a gamer myself, the past two weeks have been a blast and an eye-opening experience for me. It made me realise the educational potential of gaming. I especially like the Wii console, where I played Trauma Centre, Tennis and Snowboarding. I feel that besides the possibility of addiction, gaming could open up a new pedagogical approach where students who are more kinetic learners can thrive. On another note, the MxL is a great venue to expose people to the potential of gaming.


I’ve played both the DS and PSP.

These are what I think are useful in terms of educational purposes:

DS- Brain age, big brain academy, crosswords, colourcross (The list goes on. These games I would say, help to stimulate our thinking. They touch on subjects like Mathematics and English as well.)

PSP- Spelling challenges, Downstream panic, DJ Max portable 2, Dynasty Warriors, The Sims, Harvest moon.. (These help to stimulate our thinking as well, most are strategy games and management skills (The Sims and Harvest moon). DJ Max test on players’ rhythm and coordination skills.)


I think that being in the MxL makes me look forward to going for class each week. It’s a more stimulating and creative environment then the boring comp lab arrangement of the previous room.


Some NDS games I played which I think have educational value:

1) Brain Age- Has many sections of mini games that tests your hand-eye coordination, basic math arithmatic, looking at colours, counting… many more. It even allows you to take tests and will analyse what areas you are good at or weak in.

2) Professor layton series – Like a detective game. Very guided. Everytime a puzzle appears, the player has to solve it. Some are math problems, many are logic questions.

3) Lost in Blue/ Lost in Blue 2 – A survival game. The player is shipwrecked on an island. He needs to find shelter, food etc to survive. Game over when the player runs out of food, water or energy. It’s very educational because it teaches the suvival needs of humans and player experiences cooking using the styles.


Arghs! You should have gotten them for this batch of trainee teachers haha I ‘ve never played with them and was hoping we’d get to in the MxL! 🙂

I really enjoyed the gaming sessions at MxL since they really helped me figure out a little more about what everyone’s so into these days. It’ll make me appear less of a techno dinosaur when interacting with my future students!


I think the MxL is a good place to conduct lesson provides a refreshing change from the conventional classroom setting. (perhaps i like to learn in darker venues).. I like the little stations in the room!

some games i would like to recommend for wii:
-raving rabbits. many games inside. very silly but involves alot of psychomotor skills. multiplayer.

-guitar hero!


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