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One-on-one computing in NIE

Posted on: September 29, 2008

A few days ago, I blogged about what I shared with NIE colleagues on what I was doing with wikis during practicum. After reading some of my preservice teachers’ blogs, I realised I forgot to mention something else.

It was Vincent’s post in particular that jolted my memory. He had bemoaned the fact that:

“even at NIE, we as students do not get to use ICT for other courses like the way we experience for QED522… I wish NIE could start embracing ICT for its courses so that student teachers could learn through actual usage and experience the benefits in actual settings.”

I know of a few colleagues in other academic groups that are trying to integrate relevant forms of ICT, but I wish the same thing too. This is yet another reason we have e-learning weeks: To get teacher educators to think outside the traditional teaching box.

But in 2009, all faculty members in NIE may not have much of a choice. By the middle of that year, we expect to provide every teacher trainee with a laptop, probably a tablet PC. (I can share this now because one of my colleagues shared this information during the Fusion Learning event.) These laptops will accompany the trainees to schools once they leave NIE as full-time teachers.

The repurcussions of this move are huge. We will no longer need most computer labs (some are already being closed down). Preservice teachers should be able to access information and ideas anytime and anywhere wirelessly. This requires a shift in mindset of both the trainees and the teacher educators.

Will some of my colleagues continue to lecture when all the trainees are typing away? What exactly will trainees being doing with this new found freedom and power? How might this translate to practice in schools? These are just some of the questions a small group of colleagues and I intend to explore as part of a research project we are trying to get funding for.

On a separate note, I know that Apple Singapore wants to get back into the education arena. Why doesn’t Apple get involved and offer a tender for MacBooks? 😉

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