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Do you know how to “read”?

Posted on: August 14, 2008

I follow Michael Ree’s twitters. Every now and then he will point to something in his blog.

I found one of his latest blog entries, “Teaching Professors How to Read”, amusing and revealing. I’d argue that some teachers nowadays need to learn how to “read” too!

Addendum (15 Aug 08): The blog entry concludes with (and reinforces) the belief that teachers need to experience the technologies first, something I wrote about as part of my reflections on the podcast interview of O’Reilly.

2 Responses to "Do you know how to “read”?"

Reading this blog entry just highlights the evolution of today’s learners (personally, I have not know about N-generation yet) as well as the pace needed to be kept by academics who are teaching them today! I do agree to the point that for us as teachers to keep pace with the changing landscape of teaching, institutional support is critical to allow us to learn and explore to better understand how our students learn.


The N-generation refers to the Net-generation, otherwise also known as the digital natives. These are people who have had the Internet available to them since they were born. They are unlike the digital immigrants who are perhaps more used to traditional libraries and encyclopedias.


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