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Evolution, not a revolution

Posted on: August 5, 2008

I am making a conscious effort to make some changes in the way I faciliate the course I teach (Engaged Learning with ICT).

I continue to use wikis as a primary Web 2.0 tool. Like the past, I want my preservice teacher to develop a sense of ownership (with individual pages) and community or collaboration (with various group pages). However, I was using wikis like modified e-portfolios or as project management and course management tools. I tinkered with collaborative writing topics last semester and aim to do that in a more focused manner this semester (

The other thing I started doing was requiring my trainees to actively observe technology-mediated pedagogies. On one or two occasions in the past, I would do a “let’s take a step back” and critique class sessions so that the pedagogies I employed were made explicit. In other words, I’d shed light on what I did before, during, and after a session. I am guessing that this helps my trainees because they are then able to experience the activities I design twice: Once as learners, and again as teachers. They can then learn from my modelling, pick up best practices, and avoid making mistakes.

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