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Not just another blog

Posted on: July 30, 2008

And this makes blog #4…

I already maintain three other blogs: a private one for research, one for quirky things I spot around me, and one where I blog as my son. I guess each blog focuses on a different aspect of who I am.

I write this blog as a teacher educator who seeks to infuse my curriculum with meaningful and powerful forms of Web 2.0.

Why? Web 2.0 is already in the hands and minds of our children (see video above). Teachers need to know what these tools are and how to integrate them appropriately and skilfully. Pre-service teachers need to deeply understand the culture of Web 2.0 use and to figure out their educational affordances. I would also like to model aspects of what I consider edu-blogging.

So there you have it. Yet another dot in the blogosphere. But if I am able to change some teachers’ mindsets, and they in turn go on to teach in a way that promotes powerful and lifelong learning, I will be happy.

2 Responses to "Not just another blog"

Just a thought, why wasn’t WordPress mentioned in the list of blog interface for us to use?=) Not against the 3 you mentioned,just random musing haha..


@ Ivan Lee: WordPress came under the category of “any other provider” you may choose to use. There are just too many to list!


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